Election 2020: This election, we proved nothing will stop us from making our voices heard and our votes counted. 

The story of this election is that it was formerly incarcerated people, new Americans, Black communities, Indigenous folks, and people of color who came out and voted. Who organized, who protested, who took their voice to the ballot box and made their demands heard. 

We turned out in record numbers to pick new leaders who will care and govern for all of us. This is what a democracy looks like, where every voice and every vote counts. This cycle PLAN and PLAN Action were able to make: 

  • 424k calls
  • 236k texts
  • 2.8k relational organizing contacts with family and friends
  • 200k people engaged

with over 250 volunteers. 

At the local level, our registrars and poll workers were the heroes of this election. They ensured that our voting locations were well-run and safe during this pandemic and managed Nevada’s vote by mail system for the first time in a way that maintained integrity. 

Eviction Moratorium: The CDC issued a national moratorium on most evictions for tenants impacted by COVID through December 31, 2020. You’re covered by the moratorium order if you:

  • Are unable to pay full rent due to loss of income or medical expenses
  • Make less than $99,000 in annual income or received a stimulus check
  • Would become homeless or have to live in crowded/substandard housing if evicted
  • Have tried to access government assistance for rent or housing
  • Have tried to make partial payments based on what you can afford

​​​​​​​For more information about the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) Eviction Moratorium, check out these fact sheets from Legal Aid of Southern Nevada. 



Donate to PLAN's Undocumented Emergency Relief Fund: Please donate to PLAN’s emergency relief fund for front line workers and families in Nevada who are not eligible for CARES or other COVID relief. The PLAN Citizenship Office will review applications and provide $300 to families at risk for eviction, food insecurity, and other hardships. If you have questions please contact ecastro@planevada.org or call 775-238-3416. 

Las Vegas Freedom Fund: Make a donation to the Las Vegas Freedom Fund today!




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