What's the Tea Tuesdays

Tune in tomorrow to PLAN's Facebook page at 3:30pm to talk back to school in 2020 with Katie, Jose, and representatives from NSEA. 

Environmental Justice Meeting

Join the environmental justice team next Thursday, August 27, from 5pm-6pm for the monthly meeting. In light of the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we will be talking about how BIPOC get left out of disaster relief. We will also be discussing increasing climate impacts in terms of heat and abandoned mines as a long term environmental disaster. Register at

Win Justice Launch

Join PLAN Action alongside our Win Justice partners this Friday, August 28, live on our Facebook page. It's time to WIN JUSTICE this election! 



PLANista Monthly Meetup: On the first Thursday of every month, we will host our monthly PLANista meetup where the PLAN team will update everyone on different issues. This organizing meeting will cover campaigns ranging from Mass Liberation to Environmental Justice to Immigration and more. RSVP here

6th Annual DACA Survey: The Center for American Progress; the U.S. Immigration Policy Center at the University of California, San Diego; United We Dream; and the National Immigration Law Center have launched the sixth annual survey of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. Each year, our survey has revealed the profound impact that the program has had on the lives of recipients and their families, and informed policymakers, advocates and decision makers about the many benefits of the program. This year’s survey will take a closer look at the potential harms DACA recipients could face if the program is terminated.

Apple: We read that Apple became the first US company to reach a $2 trillion market cap last week, and remembered that $89 million gift to them from Governor Sandoval and the Nevada Legislature in 2012, which is the 3rd  highest subsidy to Apple in the US and the 1st ever tax subsidy given by the  Office of Corporate Subsidies er  Economic Development. It was an easy lift for Apple, which had no problem buying access to secure the deal, touted to stimulate a billion dollar investment in Reno, which never materialized. How ironic that $89 million is almost exactly equal to the amount of cuts the Legislature recently made to UNR ($26 million), UNLV ($36 million) CSI ($20 million) and TMCC ($7.4 million.) Expect tuition rates to skyrocket even further until our state values people over profits.



Donate to PLAN's Undocumented Emergency Relief Fund: Please donate to PLAN’s emergency relief fund for front line workers and families in Nevada who are not eligible for CARES or other COVID relief. About 200,000 undocumented immigrants make Nevada their home and are often on the front lines of health care and other essential services our communities depend upon. We aim to provide direct financial relief to the vast numbers of immigrant and refugee families and workers who are devastated not only by the health crisis, but by the economic crisis that is without precedent in Nevada. The PLAN Citizenship Office will review applications and provide $300 to families at risk for eviction, food insecurity, and other hardships. Please give whatever amount you can today. If you have questions please contact or call 775-238-3416. 

Resilience 2020 T-Shirt Contest: This year more than ever has shown us we are resilient. We are seeing what’s possible when we act with our community to envision a future that works for ALL of us. Our resilience is creating a new normal. By showcasing our communities strength and creativity, design your idea of what our resilient community looks like! The winner’s design will be printed on shirts to wear when we cast our VOTES this November, & onward into the fight for liberation.

The Details: The top 5 submissions will be chosen by PLAN Action staff, and then the final 5 will be posted on PLAN Action’s social media where YOU can cast your vote on your favorite! The winner will also receive $500.

To Enter: Visit to learn more and submit your design.

Register to VoteWe are only 71 days until election day! Is your voter registration up to date?

Las Vegas Freedom Fund: Make a donation to the Las Vegas Freedom Fund today!

Complete the Census: Don’t forget to complete your 2020 Census! Everyone needs to be counted to ensure adequate resources for our state. Complete your census online at You can learn more about the census and Nevada’s Complete Count Committee here

People You Know Challenge: Will your friends & family be more likely to do something if you ask them or if PLAN Action does?

This is a challenge to see if talking to the people you know a

To join the “People You Know” Challenge in Outvote use campaign code: 203544

  • Web Link: people-you-know-competition/activities/8258
  • App Link:

Michele Fiore is Bad for BusinessSend a message to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to remove Michele Fiore from their board. Fiore was recently forced to resign from her position as Mayor Pro-tem because of her penchant for making racist comments. Fiore cannot represent Las Vegas on the world stage, it is time to remove her from LVCVA. Send a message today!




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