Friday Community Wellness Chat

Don't forget to join us each Friday at 5pm for a place of connectedness, healing, and wellness with fellow community members. This week's topic will be Global Movements for Black Liberation. You can RSVP for this week's discussion at



Special Session: Last Friday, the 32nd Special Session of the Nevada State Legislature convened to discuss issues of police reform, unemployment, evictions, elections, and worker safety. So far we have seen six policies pass both chambers, three of which are potential changes to the net proceeds on mining in the state's constitution. These will all have to be addressed in the next legislative session before ultimately going to the ballot. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on the what's happening and bookmark our special session website

Rental Assistance Now AvailableToday State Treasurer Zach Conine announced that the state's rental assistance progam in response to COVID-19 is accepting applications statewide. The state is providing $30 million in short-term rental assistance with money received as a part of the CARES Act. You can learn more and apply at



People You Know Challenge: Will your friends & family be more likely to do something if you ask them or if PLAN Action does?

This is a challenge to see if talking to the people you know and asking them to do something is more influential than general outreach from an organization. Our guess is that your people will do something because you ask them to. BUT - we need your help to prove it. 

Everyone willing to take the “People You Know” Challenge will join a special campaign in Outvote and make a list of at least 20 Friends & Family members. Every “PYK” Challenger will text their friends & family members on the list asking them to: 

  • Sign a petition to defund the police with our national affiliates Community Change Action
  • Say yes or no to staying connected: They will be asked to give permission to be contacted by the organization in the future 
  • Receive an invite to attend our Global Movements for Black Liberation Wellness Chat on Friday, August 7 .

To join the “People You Know” Challenge in Outvote use campaign code: 203544

  • Web Link: people-you-know-competition/activities/8258
  • App Link:

Michele Fiore is Bad for BusinessSend a message to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to remove Michele Fiore from their board. Fiore was recently forced to resign from her position as Mayor Pro-tem because of her penchant for making racist comments. Fiore cannot represent Las Vegas on the world stage, it is time to remove her from LVCVA. Send a message today!

Las Vegas Freedom Fund: Make a donation to the Las Vegas Freedom Fund today!




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