What's the Tea Tuesdays

Tune in to this week’s What’s the Tea to learn more about the state's revenue shortfall and what we can do during a special session to address it. Don’t miss out on the conversation and tune in live at 3:30 p.m. on our Facebook.

Monthly Environmental Justice Meeting

Braiding Together Food, Racial, and Environmental Justice: This Thursday, 6/26 from 5:00 pm- 6:00 pm, we will be coming together to discuss the interrelations of food, race, and the land. We will have two guest speakers. Autumn Harry, a Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Member, water protector, and representative of Brown Folks Fishing will be joining us to speak about her work providing traditional foods to her community. Leslie Turner is a leader of the Mass Liberation movement in Nevada who organizes with PLAN. Leslie has been on the forefront of work to defend Black lives in Nevada, and will be discussing the roots of the environmental justice movement in Black communities. Please register here to receive the Zoom link!

Friday Community Wellness Chat

June is recognized as Immigrant Heritage Month and every year it provides people across the US an opportunity to explore their own heritage and immigrant experience. This Friday we'll be hearing from a number of PLANistas (potentially including you!) about what this month means to you, what has made us stronger as immigrants and how we #CelebrateImmigrants.RSVP to join us for this Friday's discussion at



Supreme Court Protects DACA: Last Thursday, in a victory for immigrant youth, the United States Supreme Court protected the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, providing relief to an estimated fourteen thousand DREAMers across Nevada. The ruling stated that President Trump’s decision to end the DACA program violated federal law, therefore blocking the termination of DACA. While we will celebrate today’s decision and the relief it brings to our immigrant community, we know that the fight is not over and we must continue to protect our families from deportation. Congress must take action to pass permanent solutions to protect DREAMers and all other immigrants who were not initially included in DACA, because home is here



Repeal the Backpack BanIn response to the Black Lives Matter protests, the City of Las Vegas passed an ordinance (with no notice to the public) to ban protestors from using back packs. This is a direct attack on Nevadans who are using their voices and 1st amendment rights to advocate for their communities and call for the end of police terror. It is also a pathway to racial profiling and stop and frisk which will cause many more Nevadans to have encounters with the police that could end tragically. This ban is also unfair to parents, people with illnesses, or otherwise need to have a backpack or bag with food, supplies, and medical items. The City of Las Vegas backpack ban ordinance is a disaster and must be repealed. 

Las Vegas Freedom Fund: Make a donation to the Las Vegas Freedom Fund today!

It's Time to Tax the Mines: Take action and tell the Governor to cut the sweetheart tax deductions mining takes, and not just cut the services that we rely on! In unprecedented times, we need unprecedented action, and that means for the first time ever, standing up to the mining industry.



"This is a great day for DACA recipients," says Rosa Molina, immigration services director for PLAN (Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada) "This is a breathe of relief for now."


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