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We are excited for this weeks What's the Tea celebrating the Las Vegas water grab pipeline victory and looking forward to the future. Tune in to our Facebook Live at 3:30pm this Tuesday where we will be discussing water with:

Delaine Spillsbury: A Western Shoshone Elder who dedicated herself to defeating the water grab.

Jolie Varela: (Tule River/Yokut) founder of Indigenous Women Hike who will discuss ongoing work to reclaim water for the unsustainable sprawl of Los Angeles and which city has illegally taken from the indigenous people. We will bring to light the Owens Valley area and head into discussion of the water grab.

Kyle Roerink: The Executive Director of Great Basin Water Network, a PLAN member group, will talk about what the future holds for the Water Network. The pipeline result is a public victory for rural communities. We hope to provide insights to those who continue to struggle with water purveyors who lubed corporate interests.

Friday Community Wellness Chat

Join us this Friday, June 12th, as we reconvene to kick off Pride month and discuss how Pride is Political. After our 5pm discussion we will create a celebratory space for folks to celebrate their queerness in all its forms! Register to join us at



Black Lives Matter Protests: All across our state, people are taking to the streets for change. And this weekend we saw hundreds of Nevadans show up for #BlackLivesMatter. If you were unable to attend this weekend's rallies in Vegas or Reno in person, you can tune into them online.

Now is the moment to listen to Black leaders and re-imagine what public safety can look like. Just yesterday we saw that members of the Minneapolis City Council announced their plan to defund and dismantle the current police department and rebuild with the community a new model of public safety that actually keeps communities safe.

Election Day is TOMORROW: Tuesday, June 9th is Nevada's primary election day. Ballots can still be returned by mail, but must be postmarked by June 9th. You also have the option to deliver your ballot to the county registrar's office.

Due to COVID-19, In person polling places are limited, but available until 7pm on election day. You can find your county's location here



Las Vegas Freedom Fund: Thank you to everyone who has been sharing and donating to the Las Vegas Freedom Fund these past few days! Your donations alongside the work of the Mass Liberation Project leaders, public defenders, and elected leaders at the county and state level, people are being freed from cages as your read this right now. 

What is great about a bail fund is when we bail folks out, the money comes back to the fund, and we can use it to free more people. And because we host it on Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada's ActBlue page, PLAN pays the fees so 100% of your contribution can go towards bail and supportive services.

Justice for Miciah LeeMiciah Lee was shot and killed by the Sparks Police Department on January 5, 2020, after his mother had called the police to help because Miciah, a mentally ill, 18-year-old Black man was making threats to end his life. The investigation was turned over to the Reno Police Department who took 5 months to complete it. In May the investigation was turned over to the Washoe County District Attorney's Office for review and determination as to whether any of the officers involving in the shooting should be criminally charged. Yet Miciah's family is still waiting for answers. The District Attorney's office needs to to expedite the review of the case so that the investigation and videos of the shooting can be released to the family. Send a message to the Sparks Police Department and Washoe District Attorney to demand justice for Miciah today. 

It's Time to Tax the Mines: Take action and tell the Governor to cut the sweetheart tax deductions mining takes, and not just cut the services that we rely on! In unprecedented times, we need unprecedented action, and that means for the first time ever, standing up to the mining industry.



"We are out there protesting and it’s met with aggression", said Leslie Turner, an organizer with the Mass Liberation project with the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada. 

She attended protests over the weekend and has been providing support and bail for people who were arrested throughout the demonstrations. 

“When you’re coming down there and you’re meeting us with aggression when we’re peaceful, that is what provokes situations,” she added. “The vast majority of people were peaceful and their intent was to stay peaceful and they are still met with violence and they are still met with aggression.”

--The Nevada Current

Mass Liberation fellow Jagada Chambers sat down with Nevada Week to talk about police brutality and opportunities locally to build a better world. 


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