We are facing an unprecedented number of Nevadans who are dealing with evictions and possible homelessness. In the past, tenants who received an eviction notice would oppose the eviction by going to the courthouse to file an answer. Now, going to the courthouse is difficult and unsafe for vulnerable populations due to COVID-19. 

For the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas, there is an online program for tenants to prepare their eviction paperwork and file it remotely with the court in certain instances.  We are holding a training that will teach you how to use the online program so you can help tenants without having them go to the courthouse.  This training will cover: 

  • The eviction process in Nevada, the various eviction notices a tenant might receive, and how tenants can oppose the eviction by filing with the court.
  • How to help tenants prepare their eviction court filings by utilizing the new online program.
  • Post eviction options such as motions to stay and set aside.
  • How, at the end of the online interview, you can file the tenant’s final documents with the court via the online program or email the documents to the tenant for filing. 

We are offering this training biweekly and the training will be recorded for later review. Please use this link to sign up


Tiara Moore  

Housing Justice Organizer 


Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada

Las Vegas

2330 Paseo Del Prado C109
Las Vegas, NV 89102


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