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There are many important lessons from the frontlines of COVID-19 in Indian Country. This Tuesday, May 12th, at 3:30 pm, PLAN will be hosting our “What’s the Tea” Facebook livestream where we will share a story from a COVID-19 survivor, Alastair Bistoi’. Alastair is Dine’ and a member of the Navajo Tribe. As the coronavirus has reached native communities, like the Navajo Nation, a stigma has developed among non-native communities. Racism and discrimination have found a home in this crisis. We will begin uncovering the complexities of this issue and look forward to you being with us.   

You can tune in by going on the PLAN Facebook at 3:30 on Tuesday. All of our previous What’s the Tea livestreams are saved on the page too!

Friday Community Wellness Chat 

Activism Then and Now, Sustaining a Lifetime of Organizing: May 4 and May 15 mark the 50th anniversary of the Kent State and Jackson State Massacres. Campuses in the US were on fire protesting the Vietnam War and a host of other social injustices.  Today, students are still in the forefront of social movements in the US. Join us for a conversation with veteran Civil Rights activist Sofia Bracy Harris, who integrated the Birmingham public schools and whose home was firebombed in 1966, and student leaders of Nevada. They will talk about what got them started, what fuels their fire to sustain a lifetime of political engagement, how they balance organizing with the rest of their lives, and the extent to which activism or organizing has affected their health. Register to join us at


Mama's Day Bailout: Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Mama’s Day Bail Out Fund! You gave $5,000 in a matter of days. Those five dollar contributions all add up, just like our individual actions lead to collective power. For those of you who have not yet donated, please consider giving today.

This past weekend we took to the streets in vehicles and caravanned to the Divinity House, where some of our Mamas are staying after being bailed out. We brought them giant gift bags and celebrated them with our caravan, making sure we were all equipped with PPE and practiced social distancing.

Photo by Nissa Tzun

DACA: The next potential Supreme Court decision day we will be watching is this Thursday, May 14th. Follow us on social media and the hashtag #HomeIsHereNV for rapid response and news on any decision made about DACA and President Trump’s effort to end the program.

Primary Election: Nevada's June 9th Primary Election will be happening primarily through mail in ballots that should be arriving this week. All active voters will receive a ballot and prepaid postage envelope to return it. Is your voter registration up to date? Register to vote here!

May 12 - Deadline to register on a paper form

May 21 - Deadline to register online and receive a ballot in the mail



Pledge to VoteEvery election matters. Every race matters. Will you join us in taking a pledge to vote? We owe it to ourselves to demand better of our politicians and that starts at the ballot box. Here are some steps you can take:Every election matters. Every race matters. Will you join us in taking a pledge to vote? We owe it to ourselves to demand better of our politicians and that starts at the ballot box. 




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